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Survivors Speak engages in the community and amplifies the voices of victims/survivors through true, genuine public outcry.

Who We Are

Survivors Speak primarily operates in Washtenaw County but serves throughout Southeastern Michigan and was founded in 2018 by Trische’ Duckworth.

Trisché Duckworth was a silent victim herself, after being raped at a young age. Despite experiencing one of the most vicious atrocities that one human can inflict on another, she chose to give herself a voice. She then took it a step further and launched a mission to give a voice to the other survivors of her community. This was birth of Survivors Speak.


What We Do

Survivors Speak engages the community, develops unique strategies specific for individual needs, fosters activism, and propagates creativity and the power of voice on a mission for healing. Survivors Speak now actively recruits volunteers, engages for sponsorship, and exists as a platform to provide outreach for anyone who may need a little support.

To learn more about what we do please visit our programs and initiatives page.

Our Mission

We believe in the humanities, the power of art, the power of our voices, the power of community, and the power of the individual. Through open conversation, creative engagement, and community mobilization, we aim to make genuine, lasting impacts in the lives of survivors, volunteers, and sponsors alike, unified in a concerted effort to heal.

“We are all surviving something.”  Trisché Duckworth

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