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 “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.”
– Bob Marley

You Are A Hero

Don’t suffer alone. Turn your pain into power.
Reach us today if you’re in need of trauma resolution or have witnessed someone who is in need.

Understanding Beyond Words

Pain, suffering, trauma; everyone understands the basic definitions of words like these.

But here, at Survivors Speak, we understand so much more.

We understand that suffering exists in an infinite number of forms and magnitudes and impacts each and every one of us differently.

We understand what it means to be a victim, and what it takes to be a survivor.

We understand the pain of trying to keep it all together when everything feels like it’s shattering.

We understand the terror, the anxiety, the fear, the loss of stability.

We understand the feeling of being alone and lost.

We understand.

And we are here.

And we can help.

Because nobody should have to face their pain alone and nobody is defined entirely by their traumas.

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How SS can help?

We foster an environment where you can speak openly, free from judgment, about any of your sufferings. We make sure that you’re heard, understood, and amplified in a way that helps others. We aim to equip you with all the necessary tools to adapt, overcome, and transform your pain into something greater, something that can benefit not only you, but humanity as a whole.


We accomplish this through the use of an individualized roadmap process that tailors our response to your unique situation and needs. We utilize artistic engagement, community involvement, and public outcry as weapons against your pain. We’ve also established a variety of programs that are available for you to get involved with.

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